A downloadable game for Windows

A third person shooter with the power of teleportation. Jump around, drop things on people, drop people on things, etc... :)

This is a short, one level demo. There is a play through video here as well, if you don't want to download for such a short game. The file is also a lot larger than it should be for something this short.

I'm deciding what game to work on longer term, so any feedback is appreciated


Move - WASD, Space

ESC - Pause

Right Mouse - Aim

Left Mouse - Fire

R - Reload

Middle Mouse - Teleport:

     - Click to aim, Release to teleport to location

     - Click and hold over object or person and release over destination to teleport them

     - Click and release over person to teleport behind them for quick kill

E - Cancel Teleport


Windows 64

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