A downloadable tool for Windows

This is A gui version of rhubarb that outputs comma separated lipsync data. Select an audio file, type in the text of what is said (not required, but helpful) select the language, and generate.

The github page for the origional project (https://github.com/DanielSWolf/rhubarb-lip-sync) has pictures of the mouth shapes needed for these animations.

For the example, I used makehuman. The viscemes in a makehuman character line up with the blendshapes as follows:

a: Mbp

b: S

c: EH

d: AH

e: O

f: R

g: FV

h: L

x: Rest

The executable (Rhubarb Pie) is the GUI program. The second file (lipSync) is a small example Unreal project that uses the lipsync data. You can migrate the lipSync actor component to your project if you want to use it.


Rhubarb Pie.zip 67 MB
lipSync.zip 8 MB

Install instructions

Extract the file and run "Rhubarb.exe" You will probably get a blue warning window that says windows doesn't recognize the program. Press "More info" then the button that appears, marked "Run Anyway"

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