A downloadable game

Just a demo scene of a game idea. Looking to find out if this would make a good game.


WASD -move

Space - jump

Left Shift - run

F - swap characters

The second character will automatically cling to ledges. Use A and D to move side to side, S to drop down, and space to jump up. hold[WASD] in the desired direction and press space to get up on top of a platform.

The basic idea is that time is frozen. There are two playable characters. The first one will restore time to anything within a certain distance of them. They cannot climb or jump. The second character can climb and jump, they will not restore time to anything. They can be out of the first characters range for 30 seconds before they get frozen in time. Objects can only stay out of range for a couple seconds before freezing again. There is a spot where the first character can teleport the second one to, if they get stuck somewhere the first character can't reach. The idea in a full game would be to use the two characters to get through some sort of building.

In this level, there is a blue box up high, that is activated by a character getting close to it, but it's corresponding lower box must be in within the first characters field of influence. The idea here is in a game, there might be something like a door that the second character can reach a control for, but the power wont flow to it if its time is frozen.


timePuzzleTest.zip 18 MB

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